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The GSE Makery provides equipment and support for the Graduate School of Education community
to improve lives through hands-on learning. Learn to make. Make to learn.

Learn to make. Make to learn.

Precious pictures

Take your favorite photos and create a tangible, interactive display. Great as a gift, fidget toy, or just to keep on your desk.

Two kids make a board game.

How to create your own table top games

Check out five different options for making fun games with cardboard and other common materials you can find at home!

Aditya Vishwanath

Maker Voices: Aditya

"When we hire staff, we prioritize humility as a key metric, even above technical competence. The latter can be learned on the job, but the former is very hard to teach."

Learn to make. Make to learn.

Holiday Gifts

There's nothing quite so satisfying as giving a gift you've made yourself. The gifts of your time and personal touch add meaning to the finished product. Here are ideas for four different types of creative projects to get you started.

Aparna Sharma sewing

How Stanford’s makerspaces are adapting to the pandemic

Even faced with complete closure due to health and safety guidelines, Stanford’s makerspaces have found innovative ways to continue serving their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn to make. Make to learn.

Make your own masks!

Why not make your own mask this Halloween? There are so many ways to create scary, weird, or pretty costume accessories from easily accessible materials! Our guide gives you links to lots of ideas and instructions for making masks out of paper, felt, cardboard, and more.


Summer of Creativity

Join us in some fun and games this summer! We'll show you a bunch of ways to make your own fun. You can do the challenges on your own, or tune in for some support and good company. Invite a family member to do this with you!


Student Spotlight: Heymitch

Student Mitch "Heymitch" Stevens (LDT '20) is passionate about helping students design a better life. So he launched The Interesting Project, a 42 day challenge to do "something you’ve always wanted to do but never done." You can do it too! Get curious. Talk to people. Try things. Check it out!

two children in white lab coats do an experiment with soda bottles

Tips for Teachers: Remote hands

You were planning a great hands-on lesson for your students before COVID hit. What do you do now? The GSE Makery staff share ideas: use stuff from home, send a kit, go digital, and focus on process.