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Learn to make.
Make to learn.

The GSE Makery provides equipment and support for the Graduate School of Education community to improve lives through hands-on learning.

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Opportunities for everyone, no experience required

GSE Makery lightbulb

We challenge students to think deeply about how and what they learn when creating with tangible and digital tools.

GSE Makery lightbulb

We create opportunities for faculty to extend students’ knowledge through hands-on lessons.

GSE Makery lightbulb

We empower all GSE community members to learn to make their ideas tangible and design tools for learning.

Along the way we explore what is possible in a makerspace, within the context of the premier Stanford Graduate School of Education.



Learn to make. Make to learn.

Join us in the GSE Makery for our Fall workshops.  We offer workshops, drop-in hours, and design challenges that you can participate in remotely. Come learn to use tools, make things for class, talk about hands-on learning, and more!

MakerGhat students on roof

"When we hire staff, we prioritize humility as a key metric, even above technical competence. The latter can be learned on the job, but the former is very hard to teach." Learn more from the co-founder of MakerGhat.


The COVID-19 crisis has amplified demand for high-quality remote learning tools and opportunities. Current models are insufficient at capturing the unique properties of in-person education. Learning is more than a menu of academic courses. Richer, more rewarding learning environments go beyond lectures and worksheets to support a learning community where students persist and thrive. The Stanford Digital Learning Design Challenge empowers you to improve online learning through collaboration, creativity, and research-based solutions.


The Makery is located on the first floor of the
Center for Educational Research at Stanford (CERAS) at
Room 102, 520 Galvez Mall, Stanford, CA.

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Open Hours

The GSE Makery is open to the GSE community during the academic term. For open hours and scheduled events, see the calendar below.