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Learn to make.
Make to learn.

The GSE Makery provides equipment and support for the Graduate School of Education community to improve lives through hands-on learning.

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Opportunities for everyone, no experience required

GSE Makery lightbulb

We challenge students to think deeply about how and what they learn when creating with tangible and digital tools.

GSE Makery lightbulb

We create opportunities for faculty to extend students’ knowledge through hands-on lessons.

GSE Makery lightbulb

We empower all GSE community members to learn to make their ideas tangible and design tools for learning.

Along the way we explore what is possible in a makerspace, within the context of the premier Stanford Graduate School of Education.



bottle caps and pipe cleaners on a table

Join us in some fun and games this summer! We'll show you a bunch of ways to make your own fun. You can do the challenges on your own, or tune in for some support and good company.

Student Spotlight

Student Mitch "Heymitch" Stevens (LDT '20) is passionate about helping students design a better life. So he launched The Interesting Project, a 42 day challenge to do "something you’ve always wanted to do but never done." You can do it too! Get curious. Talk to people. Try things. Check it out!

Mathieu demonstrates making a cardboard animal.
Student Spotlight

With roughly 1/3 of the world sheltering in place, young children are often spending far more time than usual in front of computers. But it is still very important for them to be interacting physically with their environment. GSE student Mathieu Penot (LDT '20) is busy providing short online lessons for kids that get them making things, using materials found at home!