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Opportunities for everyone, no experience required
GSE Makery lightbulb

We empower all GSE community members to learn to make their ideas tangible and engage in designing for learning.

GSE Makery lightbulb

We create opportunities for faculty to extend students’ knowledge and understanding through hands-on lessons.

GSE Makery lightbulb

We challenge students to think deeply about how and what they learn when creating with tangible and digital tools.

Along the way we explore what is possible in a makerspace, within the context of a premier Stanford Graduate School of Education.


Photo of Karin Forssell
Karin Forssell, MA '92, PhD '11
Director of the GSE Makery

“We wanted to make it as welcoming and inclusive as possible. We want to break down the barriers for people with different levels of expertise to design and tinker.”

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The Makery is located on the first floor of the
Center for Educational Research at Stanford (CERAS) at
Room 102, 520 Galvez Mall, Stanford, CA .

All photographs by Holly Hernandez (except photo of Eileen Rivera, taken by Tom James). Banner photo of Eileen Rivera is taken by Tom James.